Waste not, feed lots

FlipSide Food Donation Service

So much food is wasted at events! No one means to, it just happens... it's the nature of the beast. However, we offer a service that feeds those in need all while reducing waste! You and your clients get to do something wonderful for this community, waste less and feel good about it!

FlipSide's Crew will:

- Pack up left over food

- We will provide all containers & hot boxes needed

- Throw out all food that cannot be transported safely

- Load into our vehicle and drive the food to participating homeless shelters & organizations

- We will have you sign a waiver releasing you from all liability


You can enjoy a lovely tax write off all while filling some hungry bellies and reducing waste!


These are prices for this ADD ON service.

If you would ONLY like food donation services from us the price & staff will be the same as End of Event Clean-up

*Travel Stipend may apply depending on event address.

Taxes already included in price!

No hidden fees!


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