The Works

Full Event Cleaning Services

The Works! Our clean-up crew will clean & disinfect before your event, during, and after! We will make sure everything is spotless before we leave!

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:

- Clean & disinfect the entire venue pre-event 

- Sanitizing air and disinfecting surfaces pre-event

- Move furniture and help arrange (set up tables, chairs, etc.)

- Buss all tableware &/or disposables during the event

- Tie-up and take out full trash bags

- Replace trash cans with new liners

- Take all filled trash bags to receptacles

- Sanitizing staff to disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, etc.

- Organize the rental dishes (scullery area) &/or wash dishes if needed

- Add restroom attendants if needed

- And keep your event clean!

- Help with the breakdown of the event

- Clean the floors post-event

- And make sure everything is squeaky clean and up to the venue's standards.

*We can even do Waste Removal at the end of the night if desired.


Your FlipSide Coordinator can help you determine how many staff you need!


*Our disinfectants are CDC & OSHA confirmed to eliminate COVID-19

And all of our staff wear CDC & OSHA compliant PPE gear.