The Women with the vision

Meet Chaka Stewart & Ashley Etchings, the proud founders of FlipSide Event Cleaning! Southern California natives, they met while working in the event industry many years ago, and just clicked! And a few years back, after working in the front of house, back of house, planning, producing, coordinating, etc...they noticed that something was missing...EVENT CLEANING! 


Too many times the inconvenience of cleaning at an event has been laid on the shoulders on the event planners, producers, assistants, coordinators, catering staff, and guests. Also, because these event professionals had to take on too many roles, sanitary concerns were many times dropped on the sidelines. These proactive ladies knew it was time for change. So they created FlipSide, your Event Cleaning Experts! And now with COVID-19, the need for a specialized event cleaning company, such as FlipSide, is even greater!


Their mission is to improve the quality, diversity, and health of the event industry and its professionals. As active members of the ACLU, BLM, and LGBTQ organizations/ communities, they are constantly working to support our beautifully diverse community. 

"We believe that that hard work, love, and empathy are the way to make the event industry and this world a better place. And we are here for our clients and our community, through thick &, let's talk trash! Let us help sanitize & clean your events. 

We are all in this together!"


With Much Love & Respect, 


Chaka Stewart & Ashley Etchings