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Clean outdoor event at night with string lights


Book event clean up in Austin, Dallas and Los Angeles

Discover our premium event clean up services tailored to your needs. We offer full event clean ups, pre-event clean ups, live event clean ups, and post-event clean ups. Event cleaning services can include cleaning floors, wiping countertops, trash removal, wiping walls, disinfecting, adding event staff and more. Your FlipSide Coordinator can help you determine how many staff you need!

Corporate event that has been pre-cleaned and disinfected

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:​

  • Clean floors

  • Clean all countertops, walls, etc. 

  • Clean-up after a build-out

  • Handle all of the trash (and put all trash bags in waste receptacles).

  • Disinfect doorknobs, high-touch traffic touch areas, etc.

  • Full Disinfecting of event space (includes air sanitation) at least a half-hour prior to the event. 

An event that is being cleaned up while in progress

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:

  • Clean & disinfect during the event

  • Buss all tableware and/or glassware from tables, ledges, etc.

  • Take care of trash & replace receptacles with new liners

  • Clean up spills and breakage 

  • We also offer SCULLERY staff to clean & organize the rental dishes. Or wash dishes if needed (make sure to tell your FlipSide coordinator if so).

  • Our crew will keep your event spotless!

Full event clean up at a professional event

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:

  • Clean & disinfect the entire venue pre-event 

  • Sanitizing air and disinfecting surfaces pre-event

  • Move furniture and help arrange (set up tables, chairs, etc.)

  • Buss all tableware &/or disposables during the event

  • Tie-up and take out full trash bags

  • Replace trash cans with new liners

  • Take all filled trash bags to receptacles

  • Sanitizing staff to disinfect surfaces, doorknobs, etc.

  • Organize the rental dishes (scullery area) &/or wash dishes if needed

  • Add restroom attendants

  • Help with the breakdown of the event

  • Clean the floors post-event

  • Waste Removal 

Clean commercial kitchen being used

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:​

  • Cleaning all equipment, including grills, ranges, ovens, fryers, and more

  • Cleaning & polishing floors of all types

  • Cleaning and polishing stainless steel equipment

  • Cleaning external hoods and filters

    Please call for a quote or to request a walkthrough

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