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Special event at night with balloons

special event Cleaning services

Book event clean up in Austin, Dallas and Los Angeles

Elevate your company's special event with our tailored services, encompassing power washing, coat check, floral supply retrieval, and portable restroom and washing station rentals. Our FlipSide Coordinator guide you in determining the ideal number of attendants required for your event's seamless execution.​

Food being bagged for donation in Austin

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:​

  • Pack up leftover food

  • We will provide all containers & hot boxes needed

  • Dispose of all food that cannot be transported safely

  • Load into our vehicle and drive the food to homeless shelters & organizations we've partnered with

  • You will be able to sign a waiver that releases you and your company from all liability in regards to the food donation

    This service cost can be a tax write-off for you or your client!

Clean public restroom sinks and mirrors

FlipSide's Restroom Attendants will:

  • Refill Hand towels (and fold if needed) 

  • Keep the floors clean and dry

  • Wipe down & sanitize countertops and door handles 

  • Refill toilet paper

  • Refill soap

  • Use air freshener when needed

  • Handle all of the trash (and put all full trash bags in waste receptacles). 

  • All while keeping a smile and a friendly demeanor

We can also provide Restroom Kits if requested (includes candles or battery candles, mints, candy, hair ties, combs, perfume/cologne, soap, hand towels, toilet paper, etc. Just let us know what you would like!) 

Power washing after an event in Dallas

FlipSide's Cleaning Crew will:

  • Use only the agreed-upon method/pressure of Power Washing needed 

  • Provide all necessary equipment, water tank (if needed), etc.

  • When requested use oil and stain removing products

  • Leave your space looking extra clean

  •  Free walkthrough of space needing power wash to determine the best quote

Portable restroom rental for a big event

FlipSide's crew will:

Blue Clean Standard Portable Restrooms include 2 rolls of toilet paper.
 Double Sink Hand Washing Station includes water, paper towels, & hand soap

Coats at a coat check for a big event

We provide an attendant (at an hourly rate) as well as the supplies need to complete this service.

  • Racks

  • Hangers

  • Coat check tickets

Floral arrangement delivery

We will return to the event and pack up all your vases and displays and deliver them to a location of choice the following day. Additional mileage fees may apply.

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